David Gunn [composer, writer, isosogist]


A Conversation Piece
10 performers in a living room tableau with a piano and numerous other props (1976)
This “piece for persons engaged in conversation” began life in a 1969 college multimedia class called “Intermedia” and featured five players. A year later, I added nine more performers. A year after that, I filled a Living Room tableau with 24 conversationalists. Five years of attrition reduced the number of players to this more manageable allotment of ten.
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Misery Loves Accompaniment
singer, spinning chorus of 6, piano, playback (1979)
Never performed, due to the mandatory demise of one of the featured participants.
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McGuffy’s Diner
tolerant waitress and 5 raucous customers armed with percussion instruments (1975)
First performed by members of Zobus, a New Jersey rock band, at a Delaware Valley Avant-Garde Festival. It was performed a few more times, too, but, unlike wine, never seemed to improve with age.
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3 automatous readers (1976)
What’s going on here? As far as I can tell, three automatons – Amm, Jad and Epho – gradually develop personalities before turning themselves off. An oddly effective piece that predates artificially intelligent computers by a couple of months at least. I first used parts of it in “Radio Alley,” a 1975 piece for the Lynn Dally Dance Company. (I was the company’s composer-musician and baker, but that’s another story.)
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