Dandelion Wine

It is 1928 and a perfect summer: 12 year-old Douglas Spaulding has the perfect best friend, a crush on Ann, the lovely ‘older woman’ who runs the library, a delightful relationship with the odd but fascinating adults of the town, and grandparents, whose boarding house bursts with delectable discussion. But one figure comes to this seminal summer uninvited: the mysterious Bill Forrester, who seems to know everyone and intimates that disaster is imminent. His identity only becomes more mysterious with each passing bottle of grandpa’s dandelion wine. [from a Pasadena News Star review] For better or worse, it is quintessential small town America.

01 Dawn d’lion (overture)07 O, Lonely One13 Tarot Witch
02 Larks Aloft08 Hobo Sunrise14 Library-Bound
03 Matin Tranquille09 There Goes Ann15 Pinaforever
04 Greenworld10 The Tennis Shoe Boys16 Into the Ravine
05 Great Bustle11 Piano at Well’s Bottom17 Ninety-five Degrees
06 Piano Sal12 Shut Up and Dance18 The Last Wave