David Gunn [composer, writer, isosogist]


violin, viola, 2 cellos (2003)
Much as I wanted to turn this tune into a typical (vn/vn/va/vc) string quartet, the preponderance of low notes prevented me from doing so. It has not yet been performed and, in fact, requires a little structural modification before it’s ready for public scrutiny.
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string quartet (2006)
Written for Ethel, the New York-based string quartet, Fred is a work of fiction. Notes, phrasings, harmonics and accidentals are products of the composer’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to The Mertzes is entirely coincidental. Performed, yes; recorded, no.
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string quartet (2007; rev. 2014)
The tune begins with a repetitive 23-note phrase but soon settles down into more familiar cadential territory. Starts in D, then visits various other keys before ending in D. Performance by Vermont Virtuosi String Quartet.
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string quartet (1995-2008)
Originally written for the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble and scored for Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, violin and cello. (See Chamber Music.) I later discovered that a mere transposition of a major second put it into string quartet territory. Hey, why not?
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string quartet (2003)
Written for Ethel, who surprised me the first time I heard it by upping the tempo by 32 percent. I later compromised with a 25 percent increase in the posted speed limit. Alas, no public performance has yet been recorded. This is a rehearsal.
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string quartet (2005)
Written for members of the Vermont Youth Orchestra (Tatiana, Martha, Daniel, Dwight = TM2D), this nearly perpetual motion quartet is in A-B1-B2-C-A form. This performance is from a concert at De Rode Pomp in Ghent, Belgium.
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