David Gunn [composer, writer, isosogist]


double bass (2003)
Written for master contrabassist P. Kellach Waddle, who also performed it.
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L’histoire du clarinette
Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, narrator, slide projector & screen, crackers and other props (1997)
Six musical sections alternate with six spoken ones that are enriched by 39 illustrative slides and various instrumental demonstrations to produce a vivid history of the clarinet.
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piano (2004)
Subtitled, “A Fantasy on Metropolis”. In Fritz Lang’s 1927 movie, Metropolis, a future humanity is divided into workers and thinkers. Reflecting some of the movie’s sensibilities, Utopiano begins with automaton-like rhythms that are later displaced by friendlier counter-themes. After trading thematic material, the two disparate entities eventually commingle. Still, there is an underlying slightly sinister current of Utopia-no! to the piece.
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piano (1997)
Excerpted from an evening-long multimedia piece called “Circular Screaming” created by Dennis Báthory-Kitsz and myself. I designed it for electronic-only playback; it was impossible to play on a normal piano, even if the performer sported a prehensile third hand. Nonetheless, one pianist asked me to revise it for human fingers. He played it. Still, this is how it should’ve sounded.
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piano (2005)
Written for composer Noah Creshevsky’s 60th birthday concert (celebrated at  the 14th Annual International Electro-Acoustic Music Festival). Don’t let the restrained beginning lull you into a false sense of security.
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Custom Mary
violin (2008)
Written for the fiftieth birthday of Mary Rowell, a violinist. Contains snippets of birthdaylike melody. Not yet performed.
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Lunar Mural 1
alto flute + playback (2009)
Written for flutist Laurel Ann Maurer. The playback is not so much an electronic soundscape as it is a band without the onus of Union dues. Premiered at The Brick Elephant, N.Y.
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flute + playback (2010)
Take one Foothills (see Chamber Music). Subtract main instrumental line. Add one live flute line. Voilà – Flutehills!
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Lunar Mural 2
bass flute + playback (2011)
Also written for flutist Laurel Ann Maurer, this seven-minute excursion in The Phrygian Mode is ideal for anyone with a bass flute in his or her kit.
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O Solo Violo
viola + playback (2013)
Written for über-violist Tatiana Trono. Not yet performed.
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