David Gunn [composer, writer, isosogist]


These tunes constituted my composition concert required to graduate from a university somewhere in Ohio. After the concert, my theory advisor foresaw a career for me in the pet food industry.

Crapsody For Orchestra
pick-up chamber orchestra (1970)
The four short movements – Introduzione con Reservazion, Caccia Red-Handed, Minuetiquette con Edison (metrically marked Allegretto-garbo) and Finale senza Reservazion – are comprised of quotes from other pieces (here’s the list) in the style of P.D.Q. Bach. In fact, I gave Professor Peter Schickele, P.D.Q.’s biographer, the score to the Crapsody when he visited my college campus a few months after the initial concert. The fourth movement is especially brief because I was still copying instrumental parts two hours before curtain when, alas, Time Ran Out.
Introduzione  mp3 file pdf file
Caccia  mp3 file pdf file
Minuetiquette mp3 file  pdf file
Finale mp3 file pdf file
Sonaga (sic) for 2nd French Horn, Piano & Page Turner
French horn, piano, page turner, string bass, trumpet, clarinet, another French horn, tuba (1970)
A few quotes from other pieces here, but the emphasis is on the many sight gags. (Here’s a list.) I gave Prof. Schickele the Sonaga score, too, and told him to use anything in it he wanted. (I was young and foolish. I’m older now, but still plenty foolish.) And he did: several of the theatrical elements can be heard on P.D.Q. Bach’s “Concerto for Two Pianos vs. Orchestra.”
Movement 1  mp3 file pdf file
Movement 2  mp3 file pdf file
Movement 3  mp3 file pdf file
Grande Oeuvreture to Snoratorio
“It is Better to Marry than to Burn”
Better Wed Than Dead

pick-up chamber orchestra (1970)
This, too, contains quotes from other music. And here’s its list. Initially, I had visions of writing a whole Snoratorio, but once I figured out how much work would be involved, I summarily ditched the idea.
 mp3 file pdf file 
A Suite of Piano Pieces for Unruly Children
piano, playback, butterfly net, tear gas (diluted!), cream pie, plus a handful of other props (1970)
The visual aspect of the last three of these five short pieces – entitled Irving the Clown, The Broken Ferris Wheel, On the Banks of the Hudson, The Butterfly, and To Be Announced – is particularly crucial to their “appeal.” My goal of III, for example, was to give Midwesterners a taste of New York City, ergo the tape recording of sirens, traffic and other urban sounds. Further details are revealed in the score.
Piece I  mp3 file pdf file
Piece II  mp3 file pdf file
Piece III  mp3 file pdf file
Piece IV  mp3 file pdf file
Piece V  mp3 file pdf file