David Gunn [composer, writer, isosogist]


In the forest, 400 owls discover a giant badger; it's raining
Bb clarinet, piano (2003)
The phrase “400 owls attempting to outwit a giant badger in the rain” first appeared in a story in which I described what it sounded like to shuffle a deck of cards for a game called whiskers six-draw in a saloon in Klegmore, New Mexico at ten past three in the afternoon. (The whole text is here.) This is its musical equivalent.
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violin and cello (2004)
Written for Anika James, a member of the Vermont Youth Orchestra violin department. Later played by members of the Taitung University faculty. At least, I think so. The performance program is in Mandarin, and my familiarity with the language does not extend further than “moo goo gai pan.”
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Autumn Attic
2 pianos (2004)
This borderline perpetual motion piece is in in A-B-C-A form. The A section is primarily in 4/4 and 3/4, the B section is in 5/4 and 3/4, and the C section is in 13/8 time – however, the two pianists who premiered it in Ghent, Belgium were often at sixes and sevens. Ergo this is a midi performance.
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Les moineaux géants picotants
flute, Bb clarinet (2000)
Written for members of Synergy, a Montpelier, Vt.-based trio, though this performance of “the giant pecking sparrows” is by Laurel Ann Maurer and Russell Harlow in Utah, 2011.
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Forbidden Flute
flute, piano (2004, revised 2012)
With a tempo marking of Trending Sultrily, Forbidden Flute begins life as a slowly descending four-note phrase played by the flute. Other musical events follow, until driving rhythms in the piano turn the initial phrase into a technically challenging tour de force that is not for the faint of lung.
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Out Of Cahoots
2 pianos (1996)
This performance is of a multi-tracked single pianist. The duo-piano premiere would have been terrific had not one of the pianists’ page turners turned two pages at once at precisely the moment that the other pianist – who was playing from memory because he had left his reading glasses backstage –  suffered a momentary but critical loss of memory.
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Bb clarinet, violin (1995)
Written for the “Somewhere East of Topeka” CD recording. Another almost but not quite perpetual motion piece.
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Somewhere East of Topeka
Bb clarinet, calliope (synthesizer) (1994)
The title refers to: (a) the place where a muffler once fell off of my car; (b) a CD of my music performed by the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble; and (c) a miniature exploration of unhurried klezmer music.
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Streams of Conscience
flute, piano (2017)
Commissioned by the Vermont Music Teachers Association. Twelve minutes in length; another thirty-some in width.
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